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Our team

Team: Chi siamo

 The key to success

In a world where corporate excellence is determined by the ability to listen, understand, and meet the needs of our customers, our team stands as a fundamental pillar in the realm of business relationships.

Carpet Backing S.p.A can rely on talented individuals, driven by great creativity and a genuine passion for customer satisfaction. These are the qualities that fuel the consistent success of our company.

The members of our team are united by a common mission: to constantly exceed expectations and provide excellent quality service. Each member shares a customer-centric mindset, working tirelessly to understand specific needs and deliver tailored solutions. Transparent communication and swift problem resolution are the foundational principles on which we base our operations.


Our team represents the beating heart of the company, dedicated to ensuring that every customer has a positive and rewarding experience. Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority, and we work relentlessly to uphold this commitment in every moment and every interaction.

We proudly present our team

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