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Since 1925

Storia: Chi siamo

The textile tradition of the Piatti Family: commitment and dedication since 1925

The Piatti family's many years of experience in the textile sector began way back in 1925, in the town of Pregnana Milanese, located in the province of Milan.

The entrepreneurial adventure begins with the creation of the Società Anonima L. Piatti, founded with dedication and passion by Luigi Piatti. Initially, the production focused mainly on weaving fine cotton fabrics. This marks the beginning of a history of commitment and dedication to the textile tradition that has made the Piatti Family a point of reference in the sector for generations.

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of "L. Piatti" Anonymous Company

The transition towards synthetic fibre

The company subsequently converted its production by focusing on the creation of synthetic fiber fabrics mainly intended for linings, an evolution that characterized its work until the 1970s. This transition demonstrated the company's ability to adapt to the changing needs of the textile market, opening up new business opportunities in the synthetic fiber sector and consolidating its position as an innovative entity in the industrial landscape.

The birth of Carpet Backing

In the early seventies, in Dro, in the province of Trento, Carpet Backing S.p.A was born, a cutting-edge company in the technological sector. The company represents a point of reference at both a national and European level, having been the first in Italy and the second in Europe to specialize in the production of carpet supports.

Its remarkable innovation manifests itself through a complex vertical organization of production, which encompasses the entire process from the granule extrusion phase to the finished product. This integrated approach allows it to maintain a high degree of control over the quality of the final product, while ensuring greater efficiency and faster production times. Carpet Backing S.p.A. stands out for its ability to adopt cutting-edge technologies, positioning itself as one of the leading companies in the field of production of technical fabrics for carpets.

Expansion and diversification: The growth of Carpet Backing S.p.A.

Over the years the Company has significantly expanded its production, diversifying its commitment into sectors such as agriculture, synthetic grass and geotextiles. This strategic expansion has allowed Carpet Backing S.p.A. to exploit its know-how and experience in the field of technical fabrics, successfully applying them in new contexts.

Occupying a large area of 28,000 square meters, the company is capable of producing as much as 80 million square meters of fabrics per year. This remarkable production capacity is supported by rigorous quality control which guarantees the excellence of the final products. Carpet Backing S.p.A. has therefore consolidated its reputation as a leader in the textile sector, offering high quality and innovative solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly diversified market.

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