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Sostenibilità: Chi siamo

Our commitment

Over the years Carpet Backing has been constantly working towards a new company policy, able to merge the economic objectives with the social and environmental objectives of the territory, with an eye on the future.



As a company aware of all the negative externalities that any productive activity can generate, Carpet Backing has always been working on the reduction of emissions produced by its activity, improving the energy efficiency of the manufacturing processes, investing in the best technologies with lower environmental impact and succeeding in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Re-use of production rejects

The ability to significantly reduce production rejects and properly dispose of them makes Carpet Backing an example of a careful, responsible and environmentally friendly company.

Production rejects, increasingly purchased by external companies and harnessed by other production processes, are able to prolong the life of the semi-finished products and to generate their reconditioning activity, in a perspective of zero waste production.


Employee participation

In this company, social responsibility is also linked to the quality of employment, to the training of workers in the workplace, to the consultation and participation of workers in various business strategies, through a regular social dialogue with trade union representatives, in the interest of a fruitful collaboration, as an effective mean of dealing with business problems.


Workplace safety

Carpet Backing, aware that careful programming and planning of prevention and workplace safety policies guarantee prompt, quality and homogeneity of prevention action, ensures a work organization that safeguards people's living conditions, through fair wages and insurance systems, but also work schedules and health conditions that respect human dignity, in the most scrupulous observance of the existing health and safety regulations.

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