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Screen cover

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Screen Cover fabrics are made of polyethylene and represent an advanced solution for covering table grape vineyards and protecting crops from atmospheric agents. Furthermore, they are widely used to protect cherry trees, as these fruits are particularly exposed to damage caused by hail and rain.
The use of these fabrics translates into an intelligent investment that promotes an increase in the productivity and quality of agricultural crops, responding to the needs of both farmers and consumers. Protection from the elements combined with UVA filtering contributes significantly to better yield and high-quality products, ensuring satisfactory and sustainable results.

Key advantages:

Available sizes and colors


  • 210 cm

  • 220 cm

  • 230 cm

  • 240 cm

  • 250 cm

  • 260 cm

  • 270 cm

  • 280 cm

  • 290 cm

  • 300 cm


  • 1.500 m


With coating

  • 110 gr/m2


Without coating​

  • 160 g/m2


  • Transparent


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