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Supports for artificial grass for sports and landscaping


Carpet Backing S.p.A. is a point of reference in the sector of the production of highly technical and reinforced fabrics intended for the production of synthetic grass for both sporting and landscape uses. Our dedication to quality and innovation has allowed us to develop fabrics that meet the most stringent demands of industry standards.

Our fabrics, available in single or multi-layer variants, are designed to comply with the rigorous standards set by organizations such as FIFA, UEFA and LND. This means that we meet the highest requirements in terms of strength, durability and performance, ensuring that playgrounds or landscaped surfaces made from our materials offer excellent performance and extraordinary quality.

In addition to the production of synthetic grass fabrics, we offer polypropylene raffia-based sheaths, available in both single-layer and bi-laminate versions. These liners play a crucial role in waterproofing the base of the synthetic turf, helping to ensure that water does not seep into the soil beneath. This is essential to preserve the stability and durability of artificial turf surfaces, both in sporting and landscape contexts.

Our continuous research and development allows us to remain at the forefront of the industry, offering advanced technical solutions that meet customer needs and the challenges posed by the surrounding environment.

Products, sizes and recommended uses

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  • P = Plain fabric

  • X = Plain double weft

  • F = Fleece

  • R = Reinforced

  • D = Double


         Standard width: 420 cm


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