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Primary backing program

Carpet Backing S.p.A. is a consolidated reality in the sector of the production of primary support for carpets, with an extraordinary experience of over 45 years. This long history in the industry has allowed us to develop in-depth knowledge and unrivaled expertise in the manufacturing of high-quality carpet backings.

Our fabrics not only reflect this vast experience, but also our constant pursuit of innovation. Our range of fabrics meets all market needs, including high-tech products. 

We firmly believe that quality should be at the heart of every aspect of production, and this is reflected in our impeccable service and the careful control we implement at every production stage. From the extrusion of the strips, which is the starting point of our process, to the needling, a crucial step to guarantee the strength and resistance of the fabric, up to the finishing of the fabric itself, we are constantly committed to guaranteeing high quality supplies.

Our dedication to quality and innovation has allowed us to become a trusted partner for carpet manufacturers around the world. 


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