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Ground cover


Carpet Backing offers a range of UVA stabilized polypropylene fabrics with specific weights of 105 and 130 grams per square metre. These fabrics are designed to be used in greenhouses and nurseries as mulch, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of chemical herbicides.

Our products, characterized by high toughness, have been specially developed to ensure long life and notable permeability. This means that these fabrics not only protect crops from unwanted weeds, but also allow for adequate air and moisture exchange, thus promoting an optimal environment for plant growth. The combination of strength and permeability makes our fabrics a reliable choice for farmers looking for sustainable solutions for their production.

Our mulch fabrics feature a green check design that makes it easier to align pots and plants when placing them in the ground. This regular drawing is a practical visual reference to ensure a precise and orderly arrangement of crops.


To meet the needs of domestic use, we offer the possibility of packaging fabrics in small quantities, from 5 to 50 square meters each. These packs can be customized with tailor-made information inserts, which provide useful information and advice for the correct use of mulching fabrics.

Available sizes and colors


  • 105 cm

  • 131 cm

  • 165 cm

  • 210 cm

  • 262 cm

  • 330 cm

  • 420 cm

  • 525 cm


  • 100 m


  • 105 g/m2

  • 130 g/m2


  • Black

  • Green

  • Brown

  • White

Campione nero R cmyk.tif
Campione Verde R CMYK.tif
Campione marrone R CMYK.tif
Campione bianco R CMYK.tif


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